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Great. We’re all bloody inspired.

And here are the survivors!

Jake Bugg with a guy who’s never played guitar before

(thanks to tie-bow-tie)

I always wanted to watch Sailor Moon and I started with Crystal! SO far, I am in love with the series <33 But I don't know if I should watch the older version or just wait for the new episodes, I've heard they're a bit different. What do you think? Also, in the masquerade episode, does Usagi thinks she's dancing with Tuxedo Mask or Mamoru? Thankss, your blog is so lovely :)


Usagi thinks she is dancing with Tuxedo Mask :)

And personally I say start reading the Manga first!!! The manga is the first and original story line so go with that. AND since crystal only comes out once every 2 weeks you should watch the old anime in between :)


feb 1st, 2014